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September 5, 2016









This past week I added this Upcycled Button Dress to The Curvy Elle Shop. I originally did a photo shoot with this dress back in 2012, while I still lived in New York.  This was one of the very first items I made with the intention of maybe trying to sell, but for whatever reason, I never actually put it up for sale.


My mom took these photos while she was visiting me. I had just finished up a design job that I had not been very happy at, and I was at a cross roads — stay in New York and look for another job or come back home to California and try my hand at my own little business. It was a hard time, because I was feeling “done” with New York and the fashion industry there.


Obviously, you know what decision I made… Since leaving New York, I have not had one moment of regret. I love New York and fashion, but California is home for me and (long term) I could never work in the fashion industry traditionally.


Since I finally put this dress for sale, I thought it was fitting to do an “Out Takes” post of pictures from the photo shoot. (See the original post entitled, ‘Upcycled Dress.’)



I’m Wearing:   Upcycled Button Dress  –  The Curvy Elle   //   Black Tights – Spanx   //   Boots  –  Chelsea Crew (Similar) >


First Shoot of the Year

January 8, 2014





This vintage 1970’s floral and stripe fabric has been sitting in the trunk of my car since the summer time. I finally pulled it out before Christmas to wash it and now (about a month later) finally made this skirt! It’s exactly as I envisioned it — the fabric made a wonderful skirt!
I haven’t done any sewing in a while, so it was good to spend a good chunk of yesterday making this skirt and working on a pile of mending that has been sitting for months.  I think I might just make myself do a little more of this! I forgot how relaxing it can be (until you mess up on something, at least!).

I’m Wearing…
Vintage Turquoise Blouse:  The Curvy Elle Shop   << FOR SALE!
Modern Vintage Floral Skirt:  The Curvy Elle Shop   << FOR SALE!
Brown Loafers: Walmart (Similar)  





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