In My Element

June 6, 2017








On Saturday, I had the opportunity to take my grandmother (who is now 91 years old!) out to lunch and to one of my favorite thrift stores that I hadn’t been to since before my daughter was born. It’s far from where I live and having my daughter has limited some of my adventures in thrifting.


I grew up going to thrift stores with my grandmother and her sister. I would go out with them for the day and we would have lunch, go to thrift stores, shopping, etc… My great aunt made her living by selling collectibles and antiques at flea markets and in her own stores. My grandmother loved helping her find items for business. So, I guess you can say I learned how to thrift from the two of them. My grandmother no longer helps her sister thrift, now that she is gone, but she still loves going to go thrift stores and buying random junk and killing time.


Going out on Saturday really reminded me what I have missed about running my business. I felt like my “old self” and in my element. I guess it proves that, just because you’re a mother, doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself. It just takes a little more effort to get there!



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1970’s Primary Colors

May 26, 2017











I’ve gotten the itch to really start going here and at The Shop. I found this 1970’s housedress a few months back while thrifting at a new (for me) thrift store near my (new) house. At first I didn’t know what it was because it was wrapped up in cellophane and folded around a piece of cardboard. But, after taking a second look, I realized it was this amazing 1970s’s primary color floral print house dress with tags still attached and original packaging.


I, also, got inspired while doing this photo shoot, to make a little video to really show this amazing dress. I want to try to do this more often in the future. Check out the video below:





<I’m Wearing:   Vintage Primary Color Dress  –  The Curvy Elle   .   Nude Slip  –  Vintage (Similar)>






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