Fashion Trends for Plus Size: Bodycon

August 25, 2012


Bodycon dresses and skirts are hard to wear at ANY size, let alone someone who is Plus Size. This is a trend that can make you either look really good or really, really bad. ‘Bodycon’ literally stands for “body conscious,” which is exactly what this silhouette is about!

It is part styling and part confidence.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing this style, try some of these tips. If you still  don’t feel comfortable in this style, then I would suggest you may want to rethink trying out this trend.

If you have the confidence part down, here are some suggestions on how to make a bodycon skirt look good for Plus Size:


*  *  *



1. Wear Super-Power Underwear

They may not have super powers, but put on your spanx or girdle or whatever you like to use to smooth you out and hold you in.  No one needs to see any muffin tops, jelly rolls, or cottage cheese.

I love the Spanx Tights or Nylons.  I recently bought a pair of uber high waist/hold you in granny panties (aka “Shapewear Panties”), that are fairly “comfortable” (I don’t know if any shapewear is actually comfortable). Here is a similar style by Spanx, ‘High Power Brief’:

Spanx, ‘High Power Brief’




2.  Layer your Top Half

If you don’t feel comfortable just wearing the power panties and your bodycon, consider the following and/or #3.

By wearing a bodycon skirt or dress, you are accenting your bottom half–showing off the goods on that end of things. This leaves you the option to cover-up any imperfect areas in your mid section. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to show off everything, this helps with portioning off what you do or don’t want show off.

You can layer with a cardigan, blazer, or over sized blouse.

3. Layer over LEGGINGS

As an alternative (or in addition) to number 2, you can layer your bodycon with leggings for a more casual, fun look. (See my previous post, “How to Wear Leggings for Plus Size.”)



4. Wear a HEEL

Even if it is small. This will help accentuate and elongate your legs, which is good since you are focusing on your bottom half in this silhouette.



5. Buy your REAL SIZE 

This is SO important when shopping for plus size. Be truthful with yourself when you need to go up a size… or two. This can be the difference between something looking really GOOD or really BAD.


6. Choose your FABRIC wisely

Fabric is a big reason for something to look good or bad. With bodycon skirts or dresses, go with a heavy weight knit fabric that is going to hold you in and not show off any cellulite or problem areas.




These will thin out and smooth out your legs.  You want your legs to look in tip top view when wearing this trend! Again, I love my Spanx tights!



To be able to pull off a style like this, you have to be confident. If you are not comfortable in it, DO NOT WEAR IT. People will pick up on how you feel and it affects how someone sees you in a garment.

You should always love what you wear! Have fun with it! Don’t take it so seriously! It’s just clothes after all!

AND, remember tomorrow is always another day!



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  • Closet Coach

    These are great tips for every size. Thanks for sharing.

    • Laurel Teixeira

      Thanks! Glad you liked them! :)

  • Rachel Pheasant

    Great tips! I actually wear a bodycon skirt to work everyday with a suit jacket and tank top. My trick? both the jacket and tank are loose fitting (not to mention the jacket comes below by butt in the back) the skirts are super comfortable and I think work well, as you pointed out balance is key!


    • Laurel Teixeira

      Thanks! I love the tight on bottom loose on top look!

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