How to Wear Leggings for Plus Size (or ANY Size)

May 11, 2012


I love fashion, but I also love comfort–and leggings are comfort. For the longest time I would not even THINK about wearing leggings. It has taken me many years and finding the perfect pair/brand/fit to actually feel confident in wearing them. It is very easy to look incredibly terrible in  leggings–be it if you are “regular” sized or plus sized. This is my opinion on the best way to wear a legging. This can go for a girl of any size.



Some things to keep in mind when looking for your perfect legging:


1. Fabric!

The weight of the fabric is VERY important. You DO NOT want something that is too sheer because you don’t want you underwear or cellulite to show through. (Both of these go for ALL girls!! I don’t care how skinny you think you are! No one wants to see your unmentionables! Ewww!!)




2. Gotta Love High-Waisted!

The waistband/rise of the leggings should be high enough so that the leggings stay in place  when you are moving around throughout your day. You shouldn’t be tugging them up continually. The pair I wear come to my natural waist and over my stomach.


***If you have a problem with your leggings falling down try this: Layer a tank top or camisole underneath whatever you are wearing and tuck it into your leggings. This helps the waistband grip onto something with more texture that your skin.



3.  Perfect Length!

Have short legs? (Which is my ever present problem when it comes to pants.) Two ways to deal with this problem without tailoring are to– tuck them into boots OR tuck your leggings UP, INTO your pants (the opposite of rolling a cuff). The latter is the technique I used to make my leggings the perfect length for my photo shoot!



4. Illusion: That’s What Fashion’s All About!

Wear your leggings with the right kind of top or dress. If you have a trouble spot on your body, find the perfect garment to cover-up and enhance your body. I like to wear leggings with dresses and tuck them into boots to look like tights. I have a pooch (my stomach, not my dog) that I always try to hide. I do not like to wear really short shirts with leggings. I also like to accessorize with a belt to accentuate my small waist and direct people’s eyes away from my “problem” area. Like I mentioned previously, it’s all about “illusion.” I like to give the “illusion” that I don’t have a pooch.


Flossie, the Bearded Lady & I



5. Wear Them With Confidence!

Leggings are something that make you have to come to terms with how you look. They make you see your body how it really looks–no disguises! Be comfortable with them. This comes across when you’re wearing them.




My favorite leggings are: Hue Cotton Leggings, the XL fits well on me. The Hue website says it’s the equivalent of a size 16. If anyone is looking for a larger size, Amazon sells a Plus Size 2X Hue Cotton Leggings. I recommend these–they are VERY comfortable, fairly cheap, and come in a bunch of different colors!



Photographs were taken at my grandmother’s house (Thanks Grams!) by my mom (Thanks Mom!) and with help from the Bearded Lady, Flossie.

Interested in what I am wearing in this shoot? The Turquoise Blazer is for Sale in the Curvy Elle Shop!
* * *
What I’m Wearing:
2. T-shirt: Men’s undershirt I cut up from Target
3.  Leggings: Hue
4. Shoes: See By Chloe (Older Season)
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  • Snapdragon Photography

    I have cellulite, do these tend to hide that?

    • Laurel Teixeira

      They don’t show too bad for me. You can also try legging that have a control top/leg if you want even more support.

  • Cheltee T.

    They flower petals in the picture are absolutely beautiful and I love that you are rocking leggings. I am a huge fan of leggings.

    I found your blog through a sidebar ad on “Miss Indie” and I am so glad I took a look. I am now following you on GFC and look forward to reading all your past posts and future posts.


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