Photo Shoot in Motion

May 23, 2017

I came across this little image in my old drafts file on WordPress. Thought I’d share! I forgot that I did a few photoshoots in the past where I made moving gif images.


The original photo shoot can be found here.






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Love Affair With New York… Get to Know Me

May 19, 2017

After The Curvy Elle was featured on Etsy earlier this year, people really wanted to know more about my New York/Fashion Industry background. I had previously written a three part series about that time in my life, but there was some confusion about finding all the posts, etc. SO, I thought I would give a little update on my now and repost those three parts in ONE post. You will find all THREE PARTS below.


As for life now, it is very, very different than it was when I was in New York. I no longer live on the East Coast (I reside in Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area, California) in the suburbs. I am married to my wonderful husband (who likes to remain incognito on the internet) and we have a toddler girl named Lorelai, who is currently almost 19 months old (gosh time flies!). I am lucky to be a “stay-at-home mom” to my little girl. This means she is my full time job now! But, I still run The Curvy Elle Blog & Shop part time. I love fashion and vintage, even though I am not as tip top on the fashion world as I once was — it’s still a big part of my life.



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My Love Affair With New York (Part I)


A few days after moving to NYC.


I love New York, plain and simple. It will always hold a special place in my heart. In the last few months there has been so much sad coverage of the ravages that hurricane Sandy made upon the city.  It has made me sad and thankful that I am not in New York at this time.  This is a post I was planning on writing a while ago, but have had to think on and take my time writing.


It was only a few short months ago that I was living in New York. After Hurricane Sandy, I kept on thinking the “what if’s.” Thankfully those “what if’s” are not the truth. It has also got me thinking about how New York has made it’s path through my life. This is my New York story; I like to think of it as My Love Affair with New York.


You might be surprised to find out that I didn’t visit New York for the first time until I was 19 years old. It’s crazy to think you could be in love with a place that you had only seen in movies and read about in books, but there it is and that’s how it was.


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