Plus Size Misconceptions: Health & Happiness

May 12, 2017


 My daughter, Lorelai, and I recently on vacation in Hawaii. “No Filter!” Happy and enjoying life as a plus size lady and mom.



I wrote this post a while back, right after The Curvy Elle was featured on the Etsy Blog. I actually meant to post it sooner, but life happened and I kept putting it off… The usual way things that seem to go on when you have a toddler and are a stay-at-home mom.


Here is a little post about being plus size and the misconceptions out there by people who are not/have never been larger sized. This post started out at an annoyance about a comment someone made on the feature, but it actually was more about my feelings on the subject — it simply acted as a catalyst.


I feel like this comment represents a multitude of events and judgements that have happened to me through life by ignorant and sometimes mean spirited individuals.


*  *  *


The Curvy Elle’s Etsy blog feature turned out wonderful and the people commenting were so sweet, congratulatory, and happy with what I do with this blog and The Shop. But, of course, there always has to be that one negative comment to wreck all the nice things people say. Someone had to bring health into the equation.


They couldn’t just see that The Curvy Elle is about making people feel good about themselves, and should not be hidden because we are catering to someone’s idea of what is “right.” Being plus size/overweight does not completely equal unhealthy. Everything is a case by case circumstance, and even if you are unhealthy, doesn’t mean that you don’t have a right to look and feel good about yourself. There is no rule saying you have to weight 120 pounds to live life! Or that you can’t look good until you are a size 2!


“I do not like. Because such a large weight does not need to dress beautifully. It needs to be treated because that is the risk of diabetes and other serious diseases, and burden on the spine (I’m sorry if I offended someone, but I say what I think.”

There are thin people who are unhealthy with things such as “diabetes” and issues of “burden on the spine.” I’m not saying that some people who are plus size don’t have these kinds of issues due to their weight. I’m saying that you can still enjoy life and yourself even while being a larger size (healthy or unhealthy). A person’s health is only the business of that person and their heart care provider (to a certain extent). You don’t have to be hidden.


Yes, I do and will “say what I think” when it comes to ignorance and hurtfulness. Everyone should be accepted and everyone should worry about their own personal health and self care.


And, thank you to the person who made the comment, you have given me new inspiration and motivation to find my voice once more.

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