Pop-Up Shop Observations

September 12, 2013

While doing the first ever The Curvy Elle Pop-Up Shop  a few weeks back, I made a lot of observations that have been helpful and sometimes humorous to me in the future development of The Shop and how I will do future pop-up shops.

–> A lot of people seem in denile about what size they are. Many people who I would categorize as “plus size” didn’t seem to think that they were in that category.

–> People who aren’t plus size, seem to act like being fat is “catching” or something. They see the words ‘Plus Size’ and they turn around and run.

–> Many customers that are not familiar with what goes into finding vintage items, don’t understand pricing. Your paying for someone to do all the hard work of searching through millions of pieces of clothing to find you that one special item. You are not going to get garage sale prices for hand picked vintage fashion.

–> It made me laugh to see women of the “normal size range” come into my pop-up shop thinking they would have no problem finding items, to be sorely disappointed. For the first time it was the “skinny girl” going into a store to not find anything that fit them. I have to say, this gave me a giggle-ie joy!

–> Some people just don’t ‘get‘ what I’m trying to do–and they usually are the loudest, most obnoxious voice trying to tell me what I need to do.

–> In person it is a whole hell of a  lot harder to ignore negativity than it is on the internet. The internet is basically nameless and faceless, but when you’re selling in person everything is up-close and personal.

–> Having that one person out of thousands ‘get‘ and love what you’re doing can be worth it all. To inspire that one person and bring joy to them is better than selling millions.

–> Less is more when it comes to what product to bring. Be choosie, so that the customer can really see and appreciate the items that are offered.

–> Many people are scared to come and shop in the ‘store.’  The internet makes it easier for them to shop unobtrusively.

–> Many plus size gals either seem overly shy and self conscious about themselves or the complete opposite (overly outgoing and ‘out there’).

–>  Every size loves and will shop accessories!


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