Happiness Should be in Fashion

September 21, 2012

Today I was making my semi-annual visit to my dentist. I have been going to this same dentist since I first had teeth.  My family has been going to him since the 1970’s. He knows us and what we’ve been up to through the years pretty well.

The dentist may seem like an odd place to talk politics and the business world, but I guess I have a very happenin’ 70+ year old dentist! He was asking me about what I was up to since he last saw me. I told him about starting my own business and this blog, and how young people today are making different life and career choices because we are finding that it is more important, ultimately, TO BE HAPPY. Not to mention the fact that since there is a job shortage, many young people are out of work, way under payed, and/or working a job below their qualifications. I have experienced this first hand. This has led to many of us to reevaluate where we want to go and how we’re getting there.

I guess you can call us the  ‘New Age Hippie’ of sorts. NO, most of us shower regularly and can hold down a ‘regular’ job, but we are more and more choosing to leave the traditional business world to pursue our own vision. (By choice or by last resort.)

‘Traditional’ may get you somewhere, but is it where you want to be? Young people are opting out of the regular rat race that is corporate America. Instead, we are choosing to do our own ‘thang.’ Meaning that we want to have a career on our own terms and working for our own dreams instead of being a worker bee for someone else’s dreams. Examples of this are right here in front of you. This blog, other blogs, Etsy shops, new online start ups, all of social media… The list goes on!

It’s all about ‘thinking outside the box,’ and realizing that NOT making tons of money and being HAPPY is the best thing in life–because, really, what is money worth when you have no life or happiness? You can buy and buy, but you have no meaning to your life. No purpose.

This is mainly a fashion blog, but I think that fashion can be more than ‘fluff’ and a pretty outfit. It can be thoughtful, and if you can reach out to people who don’t normally think beyond tomorrow’s outfit once in a while, I think that’s an amazing thing!

Maybe the hippies of the 1960’s had something going… Maybe we need to take a little bit from the past and join it with what we have today. We all need to take time to stop and smell the roses, paint the roses, and then sell the roses and the painting.

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