Elle Enfant 2014 Update




In October, I announced my new business endeavor, Elle Enfant  – a vintage and modern children’s fashion shop. I am here today to give you all a little update on things.

Even though it is hard to juggle two businesses at the same time, I am having a lot of fun with Elle Enfant. It’s amazing how many options there are for kids vintage out there! It is definitely easier to find great pieced for babies (and kids) than it is for adults – plus they are really, really cute! The shop is slowly growing with products, sales, and followers. I look forward to seeing where this business goes in the coming new year. I also hope to launch a blog/site for the shop sometime in the coming year (it’s already, slowly, in the works).

Below, you will find a sampling of some great pieces currently up at Elle Enfant. Make sure to check out more items at the Elle Enfant Shop.



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Yes, I Photoshoped the Cables Out…

IMG_6232_FotorIMG_6244_Fotor IMG_6245_Fotor IMG_6251_Fotor IMG_6256_Fotor IMG_6247_Fotor IMG_6258_Fotor IMG_6264_Fotor IMG_6246_Fotor


Today was rainy and gloomy, so I thought it was a good excuse to attempt an indoor shoot to show off my Christmas decor. And, yes, I admit it — I did Photoshop out the plethora of wires and cables dotting the ground. BUT, that is the only thing I Photoshoped out (all the rolls and wrinkles are still in place). Oh, and yes, the tree is fake. I’m admitting this even though my grandmother told me to lie to everyone.  This is my first fakey, purchased due to allergies, and I think it is pretty good looking!



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