April 25, 2015

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Curvy News Update

April 23, 2015




Things are changing so drastically for the plus size world. The ‘Curvy News Update‘ is a post to document, overview, and give a heads up on what is going on in the news for the curvy lady (or “person”).


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1. “This Is What Plus-Size Clothes Look Like On Plus-Size Women”

In this article, two plus size women with completely different body types, try on plus size fashion pieces and compare themselves to the online models. This article makes me happy, because this is exactly what ends up happening to me when I try on most plus size clothing. They never look as good at the model and usually are poorly made.









2. “TJ Maxx Now Sells Plus-Size Clothing On Its Website”

TJ Maxx has always had a ‘plus size’ section in their stores, but now you can also buy their plus size fashion on their website! Here are a few of my favorite pieces featured for sale:








3. “Plus-size retailer Lane Bryant launches #ImNoAngel campaign to celebrate body diversity”

Lane Bryant launched a new ad campaign for their plus size intimate apparel line, Cacique, ‘#ImNoAngel.’ This is a jab at Victoria’s Secret‘s ‘Angels’ campaign  and the fact that they do not cater to customers above a size large. It’s meant to also empower women of all sizes. Here is a commercial for the new campaign:











4. “Singer Meghan Trainor Partnering With FULLBEAUTY Brands For Plus Size Fashion Collaborations”

There have been more and more celebrity (plus size) targeted fashion collaborations coming out and singer, Meghan Trainor, is the next one targeting the plus size lady. Sometime in the near future, we will be seeing some plus size fashion coming from Fullbeauty and Meghan.









5. “‘Fat Yoga’ Tailors Yoga Classes to Plus Size Women”

I’ve said this on more than one occasion — plus size women work out! You can be fat and healthy! There are places popping up around the country targeted at plus size people that want to do yoga. It adapts positions for a different body type. This just proves that most anything is possible — as long as you knot how to adapt.


“‘I practiced yoga for almost a decade and no teacher ever helped me make the practice work for my curvy body…I just kept assuming the problem was my body and that once I lost x amount of weight, I’d finally ‘get it.’ Then one day it dawned on me that the problem was never my body. It was just that my teachers didn’t know how to teach bodies like mine.'”

-Anna Guest-Jelley, founder and CEO (that’s Curvy Executive Officer) of Nashville-based Curvy Yoga








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