Plus Size Healthy Living: Whole 30 Recap

January 30, 2015



Sunday was my 30th day in my first Whole 30.  I celebrated with one cheat meal of pizza from Round Table Pizza and I am back doing a second round. I am currently on Day 4 of my second Whole 30 and am feeling great!  I’ve lost about 8 pounds, and about 4 inches on my bust, 3.5 inches on my waist, and 2 inches on my hips. I am happy that this is the result, but it’s not the main reason I chose to do Whole30. It was more about feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally — the weight/inches lost is just a plus!



“That’s NOT Kosher…”

There are a few things about Whole30 that don’t necessarily jive with my lifestyle. I feel that when you do this program, you have to pick and choose what to be hard core about. One of those things for me is coconut. You are allowed to eat coconut oil, milk, etc. I HATE coconut anything — always have, always will. So, I stick to almond milk. And, I’m lazy. (You’re supposed to only have homemade almond milk.) I do not want to make my own almond milk. I think I have better things to do with my life and I also love to get my morning coffee at Peets or Philz with some almond milk. This is my little cheat, but it helps me stick to everything else in this program.



Should You Try This?

So far, I’d say it really depends. Do you have digestive or health issues? Do you have the finances to afford the food quality and the time to commit to cooking and making your food (3 meals a day!)? Then it might be a viable option for you.  Basically, if you want to commit — then go for it!



Would I Do It Again?

Obviously the answer is “YES!” since I mentioned above that I had started my second trip down the Whole30 lane. I plan on having to put a couple of “cheat” days in there because it’s the time of birthday for my family, making it hard to avoid. I know this isn’t technically how you’re supposed to do Whole30, but as mentioned earlier in the post — you gotta do what works for you! AND — LIFE! Duh. Gotta live.




More on Whole30…

To find out more information on Whole30, make sure to visit the website, or check out the book, It Starts With Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig.




(Please note: I am not an expert, theses are simply my own personal observations and experiences.)




Etsy Love

January 29, 2015




Etsy now has so much plus size that you have to really weed through your search results when trying to find good pieces. It’s wonderful and horrible that plus size has become so ‘big’ (no pun intended! I swear!). You can find some wonderful options out there on Etsy for the plus size gal, here are a few I found while looking around!







  1. Mint Green Floral Dress Plus Size (Shop: Sentimental Heart Vintage)
  2. Vintage Psychedelic Print  Plus Size Dress (Shop: Garish Vibe Vintage)
  3. ‘Spring Meadow Dress’ Plus Size Vintage  (Shop: Re/Dress Vintage)
  4. Vintage ’60s Designer Coat (Shop: Swell Farewell Vintage)
  5. Vintage Plus Size Dress & Coat (Shop: Tabby’s Vintage Shop)
  6. Plus Size Wedding Dress Silk & Lace (Shop: Pure Magnolia Couture)




–> Please Note: I have no affiliation with the above shops or products. I cannot vouch for the shops, shop owners, or products.


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