Out Takes: Red Hat

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I’m starting to feel that slight “travel panic” that I tend to get right before embarking on a trip. Granted it usually stems from air travel, and my coming trip on Saturday is a ROAD TRIP (to Utah), but the panic to get everything done and ready before I leave is still there. I guess it is one of those inevitable things that goes along with travel!

Here is a quick little “Out Takes” post I have taken from a photo shoot that was originally taken in September 2012. The original post is entitled, “Roses in Her Eyes.”



< I’m Wearing:   Vintage Floral Dress  -  The Curvy Elle (Similar)   //   Vintage Red Hat  -  The Curvy Elle   //   Black Boots  -  Chelsea Crew >




Curvy Elle Lately

I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks settling into a routine in my new “office” at my mom’s house with great success. I’m still figuring out things, but all in all, I think this will work! Here are a few things that have been going on here at The Curvy Elle. For more of the same, make sure to follow me on Instagram.




1. Showing off a new (to me) cut offs last week. Such a great summer addition!

2. Details of above shorts. I love the floral print on this denim!


3. Found this 1970′s era Easy Bake Oven while on one of my regular thrifting trips. It is always fun running across things like this.

4. A lovely look from a recent photo shoot.


5. Is is sad to be really excited by these new pink mailers I bought for The Curvy Elle Shop?

6. Trying some fair food at the County fair. When in Rome, as they say…