Back in the Swing of Things

February 8, 2016








I’m not sure if it is permanent, but the last week or so my baby, Lorelai, has been taking longer naps in the day. Which has been leaving me with some more time to get things done. Today, was the first day since she was born, that I have felt like I had the time, energy, and excitement to try and manage taking pictures.  I have missed this — doing photo shoots, getting things ready for The Shop. I finally feel like I am getting back into the swing of things. I can’t wait till I can try doing some thrifting again too.


I have to keep remembering nothing is permanent — the bad and the good. I’m so happy to have the ability to take care of my daughter and see her grow and flourish on a daily basis. All on top of having the freedom to run The Curvy Elle. I have a great and supportive husband and family.


On a non-sappy note — I really like this dress! I found it while thrifting during my pregnant months, but at the time I couldn’t get it on. I still have quite a few items that I collected before having Lorelai that need to be added to The Shop. So, more to come (hopefully) in the near future!



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Lorelai at 3 Months

January 25, 2016

Time for changes… The Curvy Elle has mainly been a fashion/vintage/plus size blog in the past, but life for me has changed. I still love all those things, but there are even more things in my life that are important to me. Namely, being a mom and my little girl, Lorelai. I do not want to take any of those original things away from this blog (and no, I’m not turning this into a “Mommy Blog”), but add more diversity. One feature I want to talk about is motherhood and my little girl.


This post is a recap on my baby’s 3rd month of life. I hope to continue this feature for, at least, the first year of her life. For those other mother’s out there, feel free to comment and share in return!


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Where has the time gone?! My Lorelai turned three months old two days ago and it feels like yesterday that I was stuck in the hospital for 60 hours waiting for her to arrive.


She has been so much more aware lately. Getting more weary of strangers and people who just plain aren’t mommy or daddy. Last night she rolled to her side while in bed — trying desperately to get the momentum to make it onto her tummy.






My mom babysat her for a couple of hours yesterday. When we came to pick her up, my mom was rocking her asleep. For some reason she had a blueish tinge to her face and I thought she might have stopped breathing. I panicked. Luckily she was okay, just in a deep sleep. This was the first real “scare” I’ve had with her. I was amazed at how, for a second, I got the feeling of the greatest fear and loss that I have ever felt. I guess that’s what it means to be a “mom.”


Even on the hard days, when she screams most of the day, I can see how easy to forget the bad once it’s over. Why people can have more than one. I wouldn’t give any of it up. I love my little Lorelai! My little “mini-me!”






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