DIY: Plus Size Shorts

May 25, 2012

I don’t know about you–but I HATE trying to find the perfect pair of shorts! Today, I was near Time Square area and decided to head to the Forever 21 store there–they are the only Manhattan Forever 21 (that I know of) that carries the Plus Size line. It was a very gross and muggy day today, so I figured I would try on some shorts to add to my summer wardrobe.

I tried on 5 different pairs and all were pretty bad–either too short, or too low rise, or too long, or too gaudy…. It was really depressing.

This is a picture of one of the pairs I tried on.   (Funny–look at my eyes, they’re cross eyed!!!) This disappointing shopping trip gave me an idea. I would just make them for myself instead of going on a wild good chase looking for the perfect pair! Here is simple DIY I want to share with you!

* * *

DIY: Plus Size Shorts
1 pair of Pants
1 Piece of Chalk or Tailors Chalk
1 Ruler
1 Pair of Scissors 
1.  Find a pair of old pants that you no longer like the leg shape of. They can come from your closet, a clothing store, or a thrift store. They can be jeans, slacks, whatever you want to use! The pant should have a good fit on the waist and hips.  

I love shorts that are made from Slacks, so I used this pair of Style & Co. Capri pants I bought from the local Salvation Army.


2.   Put on your pair of pants and get a piece of CHALK.

3.  Figure out what length you want your shorts to be.  Put a little mark on one of the pant legs where your hem/cut line will go.

4.  Take the pants off. Lay them flat on the ground or on a flat surface.

5.  Place the ruler horizontally, underneath the chalk mark you just made.  Using the ruler as a guide, draw a chalk line extending to the inseam of the pant leg.

6.  Take your ruler and measure the distance from the line you drew to the hem of the pants.

7.  Using this measurement (mine was 15 inches), go to the other pant leg and measure up to that point on that leg. Mark it with your chalk.

8.  Take your ruler again and place it horizontally on the second pant leg below the new mark. Draw a straight line across extending to the inseam (as you previously did with the other pant leg).

Your pant should now look something like this:

9.   When you are settled on the length of your shorts and your lines are drawn, you’re ready to cut!

10.  Take your scissors and cut along the chalk lines on both pant legs.

11.  Now that the pant legs are cut,  fold the short in half to make sure the leg lengths match.

12.   If both legs match in length, you’re good to go! If one is off, trim accordingly.

13.  NOW, put your shorts on to test how they look!

Please Note: This DIY short is meant to have a ragged hem. After each washing they will get more of that ragged look. The chalk should wipe off with a wet cloth or when you next wash your new shorts! Enjoy!

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